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I made a vtuber inspired drawing of my persona~

now if only I knew anything about rigging lol

I made a catboy on twitter based on the comments I got (big ears + lilac hair)

he's a gremlin mage and I love him :)

I drew my Halloween 2020 icon today~

I finally made a design for how I want to start representing myself online! This is my persona Levya, a dragon girl who likes gaming and finding bones in the woods~

I'm getting so excited for art fight! here's some of my favorite attacks from last year~

sometimes you just need to scream :)

old art I forgot I drew back in august

fresh drawing of my oc Raelyn~

I think I orginally created her in 2010?

anyone else love Erik from Dragon Quest 11?

Captain Juno "Hawthorne", my Outer Worlds character I drew a few months ago~

artfight drawing, wanted to practice glitch-y art~

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dragon age inquisition fanart, originally created 1/3/2015