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maltsea asked:

(about 2d vtuber stuff) maybe a dumb question but ive looked at several tutorials and they were kinda confusing bc they all acted like i already had a model to rig. what kind of things did you have to make layers for so they could move? and how many iterations of the art did u have to make?

Pretty much everything I wanted to move independently I had on a different layer, like head, eyes, different parts of the hair, etc. Here's a screenshot of all the layers I used along with what everything looked like separated:

(the english tutorial on the official live2d youtube channel helped me a lot in figuring out what should be a separate layer)

I first drew everything unseparated like I would for a normal illustration, then redrew all the separate parts over that, which was a bit tedious haha

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this honestly is a lot :sob: i was thinking of using like, an example model and then drawing over the stuff i want cuz i just know im gonna not do something right lmao.

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