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This is my old artwork (half digital, half traditional), but I still enjoy it. It makes me feel I have no progress since those times. Whatever...

This man with cold eyes is called Rider (kind of a pseudonym). He is a cleric of the God of Knowledge, and his favorite hobbies are traveling and art, especially drawing and sculpturing. He's convinced that art has answers to the questions, where science is still silent.

His traveling lasts for more than 10 years now. It has started in old Persia - a splendid country with marble palaces and golden sands, but where he in his young ages became an outcast due to the gossips of his foes. He moved northwestward through almost all of Europe, exploring its culture and history, and now finds himself in somber, rainy, but absolutely charming London. There, he hopes, the gloomy houses with their peaked roofs give him a homely shelter, and the ancient libraries whisper to him the old stories and secret knowledge of this inconceivable world.

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