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[Possum | she/her | 27]

B.S. in ecology, illustration hobbyist, rpg lover, always tired

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About me

hi, I'm possum and I like to draw a lot and play video games! I have like a million projects I want to work on when I'm not too busy studying, including a visual novel, an rpg, and sticker ideas.

Some of my interests include:

  • rpgs (most recently Dragon Quest, but also Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, etc.)

  • stardew valley (+ similar games)

  • space

  • animals (especially opossums, cats, and pandas)

  • cute plants

  • nintendo

  • indie electronic music

I'm super shy but I love talking about my interests~

Some tags I use:

  • possum says = text posts

  • drawpossum = my art

  • oz the cat = pictures of my cat

  • ellie the dog = pictures of my dog

if you ever need me to tag something specific please let me know!

You can also find me at:

feel free to ask me for my discord id if you wanna chat on there! or if you want to play stardew valley or terraria or whatever with me :)