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hi, I'm possum and I like drawing and chilling~

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Chimeran Legends - Swift Dancer

maltsea asked:

(about 2d vtuber stuff) maybe a dumb question but ive looked at several tutorials and they were kinda confusing bc they all acted like i already had a model to rig. what kind of things did you have to make layers for so they could move? and how many iterations of the art did u have to make?

Pretty much everything I wanted to move independently I had on a different layer, like head, eyes, different parts of the hair, etc. Here's a screenshot of all the layers I used along with what everything looked like separated:

(the english tutorial on the official live2d youtube channel helped me a lot in figuring out what should be a separate layer)

I first drew everything unseparated like I would for a normal illustration, then redrew all the separate parts over that, which was a bit tedious haha

btw if anyone here is interested in watching me stream I'm tentatively thinking of starting on tuesday, and I have a poll on my twitter and twitch pages for which game I should play:

I learned how to use live2D recently, here's the model I rigged :D

I made a new illustration to use as a banner for various sites~


This is my old artwork (half digital, half traditional), but I still enjoy it. It makes me feel I have no progress since those times. Whatever...

This man with cold eyes is called Rider (kind of a pseudonym). He is a cleric of the God of Knowledge, and his favorite hobbies are traveling and art, especially drawing and sculpturing. He's convinced that art has answers to the questions, where science is still silent.

His traveling lasts for more than 10 years now. It has started in old Persia - a splendid country with marble palaces and golden sands, but where he in his young ages became an outcast due to the gossips of his foes. He moved northwestward through almost all of Europe, exploring its culture and history, and now finds himself in somber, rainy, but absolutely charming London. There, he hopes, the gloomy houses with their peaked roofs give him a homely shelter, and the ancient libraries whisper to him the old stories and secret knowledge of this inconceivable world.

Was in a Dorian mood, so I made a random illustration and designed what I imagine a Magister outfit to be ✨

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Prints Available on DeviantArt


My first time posting on Waterfall. Just wondering how it all works here.

This is my character Vincent - a mage and a soldier. And a "princess", as the others call him because of his feminine look and porcelain-like fragility. Despite his pretty face, he frequently demonstrates astonishing courage and iron will.

distracting myself from the real world today by drawing sci-fi stuff because I desire to float around in space

honestly, one of my first full pictures of Fennorian... and i still love it.

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messing around with procreates new update featuring zagreus!

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Shooting star

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Piece I did for KenTheSparkleLord of Wulfric for Artfight 2020 feat. my own boob: Skitters.

I really liked this character and the way this piece turned out. I don't do lineless often and I'm glad I could draw these two together.

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Hiya there! I'm Cel!! Waterfall looks pretty cool I'm here to vibe and maybe occasionally post some art! <3

Here's a funky little cityscape I drew a few weeks ago.

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another attack for ~KidWithAPen!

I made a vtuber inspired drawing of my persona~

now if only I knew anything about rigging lol

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a friend's cute oc

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intrepid-inkweaver -

Anyone wanna know one of my favourite prehistoric monsters?



I love learning about extinct megafauna, don't you? ^^

I made a catboy on twitter based on the comments I got (big ears + lilac hair)

he's a gremlin mage and I love him :)