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I've always wanted to try this so lets make an oc waterfall!

1st comment: Species 2nd comment: Gender 3rd comment: Clothes 4th: comment: Name 5th comment: Hair 6th comment: Accessories 7th comment: Personality 8th comment: One random fact

I have no idea what kind of response this will get, so feel free to leave more than one suggestion! also suggestions don't have to be in order~

Blood Moon Sky (2019)

Blood Moon skin for my OC, Sky


sometimes you just need to scream :)

old art I forgot I drew back in august

really proud of this one

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cold night

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February 2017

Back when A Date With Markiplier came out, the Darkiplier route reeeeeeeally made me think of Glitch mode Kai. So, I did this.

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was messing around w/ a friend on drawpile last night >:P

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kanyny -

Here's some recent-ish drawing of my OC, Kiyomi~

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personal art, 2018 ✌️ (Sara) Inspired by Gorillaz Tranz

Talking in the tent

I go back to college tomorrow, hopefully I can pay attention in my classes instead of doodling catboys

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this is ashley. i love her. that is all.

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"Those who succumb to the hands of fate shall know peace. The defiant, however, know the path they follow leads to either despair or enlightenment. The gamble is risky, but they take it anyways. It is in their nature." Elfuary Prompt #2 Fate (twitter)

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Hey there!

First post of some favorite art from last year... I just found this site, let's see how it turns out :)

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Scanned lineart + digital coloring.

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lovely cat girl I adopted from Lunadoptz on deviantart!!

her name is scoundrel and she is bastard

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A friend's oc, the Lich 💀

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03112019, 14112019, 20122019

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Shara, Ex-Bandit and Shade Hunter

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my flight rising dragon Synth for the banner of a zine i'm organizing

I really wish the game would allow us to change the body type of our Inquisitor. I always imagine my Adaar to be rather slender, especially compared to Bull!